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Beth Spieler is an artist, teacher, and creator in Winston Salem, NC.

Beth started mural painting in the Washington, DC area, over 20 years ago.  Since moving to North Carolina in 2001, her client base has grown to include many familiar local commercial and private establishments.   In addition to her commissioned work, Beth teaches several student classes from her downtown Winston Salem studio, through her business, ArtAbout.


ArtAbout is an art concept and business based on sharing knowledge, experience and opportunities for people of all ages to create and or experience art.  Started in 1998, ArtAbout was named as the business for mural painting, and teaching.  The idea behind the name was based off of an Australian “walkabout” 


Definition of walkabout. 1 : a short period of wandering bush life engaged in by an Australian aborigine as an occasional interruption of regular work —often used in the phrase go walkabout.


Rather than wandering out bush in the Australian Outback, at Artabout I invite people to experience the joyful vulnerability of creating art, together. ”...as an occasional interruption of regular work”. Classes, Art programs, Portrait and Figure drawing opportunities,  Art Camps, and my new favorite, Art field trips. 


Stay tuned for events and opportunities for all ages!


Portrait Painting 

A three hour studio session with a live model. Artists bring their own supplies to paint, draw or sketch. Light snacks and beverages included.  $15.  

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon
Amanda Boston, #19
Karen Bonner, #1
Ashley Hunt, #20
Kat Bramen, #18
Naviya, # 17
Paige Lester Niles, #15
Shaunyese Gilmore, #11
Pricilla, #16
Len Bartley, #14
Einaj the Dragon, #13
Courtney Wells, #12
Angelica, #10
Lynette Fitzgerald, #9
Tangky Murphy, #8
Susan Adams, #7
Carolina Cecelia, #6
Keri Aldinger, #4
Jessica Blackstock, #5
Susan McCarthy, #3
Sophia Seyler -Wetzel, #2

Portrait Painting

Currently, we're scheduling portrait sessions a couple times a month.  $15/ session to cover the model fee.  If you're interested in attending, please email us at artaboutnc@gmail.com


Art at the Heart is an after school art program in it's 8th year. 

We have weekly in studio and monthly in school programs. 

In Studio for weekly Tuesday class, $10 per class.

Contact us directly or ask your school principal about the in school program.

Current Events:

Art Starts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, July 19th




(336) 682-3525  - Beth Spieler,  Artist

(336) 300-6617 - Marion Milder, Art Coordinator

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