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Beth Spieler

Artist / Enthusiast / Teacher

My name is Beth Spieler.  I'm an artist, teacher, and creator living in Winston Salem, NC.  In 1998, I began painting murals in the Washington DC area.  Working with others to bring their vision to reality is a real joy of mine.  Since moving to North Carolina in 2001, my client base has grown to include many familiar local commercial and private establishments.   


In addition to commissioned artwork, I teach several youth Art classes from my downtown Winston Salem studio, located in the AFAS building.    Empowering people through the shared creative process is so rewarding!  It's my mission to bring opportunities to practice art, tools to create art, and information to better understand art to fellow artists and the community.  


Another personal goal is to have a positive impact on the lives of young artists.  Too often, young children with a passion for creativity are stifled by those who may not know how to nurture or funnel those creative urges.  As an artist and mother, I understand the dilemma of keeping the gang entertained and educated.  Sometimes, art falls by the wayside.  For those who have the gift though, negligence could create added frustration (for both parent and child).  I'd like to help guide your child's creative understanding.  ArtAbout Classes are designed to engage your student, encourage their creativity and challenge their skill development. 

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